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Seven spot ladybird
If your society or club is in need of a speaker for an event, I can provide entertaining illustrated talks on gardening and wildlife. Using the latest multimedia technology, you can be sure of a crisp presentation with fascinating pictures or video- yet all for a reasonable price. I have a number of set talks, but I can also tailor a talk to your event- whatever you want me to talk on, just ask!

I can cater to many different events, from social clubs wanting something a bit different, to gardening clubs wanting more of the same. I have worked with children a lot and I am happy to do school demonstrations or children's events.

Here are some topics I have recently given talks on:

  • 'Five of the Best, Five of the Worst' - A talk on some plants you should have in your garden, and some you definitely shouldn't have.
  • 'Know your Enemy' - Get to know garden pests and diseases, and how to deal with them without panicking!
  • 'Which plant where? - It can be so difficult to find the right plant for the right place, can't it?
  • 'Five great gardening myths' - Gardening has a long history in this country, and some ideas have clung on even after they have been disproven. Find out which- you may be surprised.
  • 'Grow your Own' - Two simple projects to get growing and eating your own food. This talk changes seasonally.

Practicals for children:

  • Flowers you can grow and eat! - Nasturtiums can be grown from seed and then planted out into your garden. They have weird, dish-shaped leaves and pretty yellow, orange or red flowers- and the flowers can be eaten! Plant the seeds with me, and then watch them grow on.
  • Creepy crawlies in the woodpile. - An old pile of wood might look boring, but they are great for wildlife. See what bugs you can find!
  • Sunflower competition. - Starting from planting a little seed, who can grow the tallest and the biggest?

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