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Morning Glory, Ipomoea coccinea
Garden Geeks is a gardening service unlike any other- not just garden maintenance, but someone who will help you enjoy your garden to the fullest extent, whether you are uninterested in gardening, a beginner, or a keen expert.

I believe that gardening is a fantastic hobby everyone should have a chance to enjoy, but it can also be a vast undertaking- A lot of hard work and equally hard learning.

Garden geeks can help you both with the work and learning about gardening yourself. I can help maintain your garden, or simply come round and offer advice on any knotty problems you might be having: What is that mystery bush? How can I stop my rose getting blackspot? What can I plant in my border?

I offer a range of services designed to make your garden fun for you- whether you simply enjoy looking at it, or wish to get more involved in gardening as a hobby.

Click the buttons above to find out about the different services I offer, or contact me using the details below to find out more.

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